P-51D “Sierra Sue II” for WOTN

Images and video from Aircorps Aviation

P-51D Sierra Sue II


The Full restoration of the Sierra Sue II was beautifully done by Aircorps Aviation.


Sierra Sue II is a World War II combat veteran P-51D-20NA. She was in very nearly original configuration at the beginning of the restoration.  No “jump seat” behind the regular pilot seat has ever been installed. We believe the airframe was one of the most intact, original P-51s known.


  • North American General Assembly Number: 106-00002 (NA 122)
  • Air Corps Serial Number: 44-63675
  • Construction Number: 122-31401
  • North American Aviation Ship Number: 516
  • Parts Usage Codes: E, F, FC, FCA, FCB, FCC
  • WWII Combat Markings: 9th Air Force, 370th Fighter Group, 402nd Squadron, Code E6-D, Pilot Lt. Bob Bohna


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